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U.S. Navy Completes Installation of USS George H. W. Bush Anchor

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The USS George H. W. Bush's deck department has installed a 30-ton anchor into the vessel's starboard in preparation for its docking planned incremental availability.

"Our deck department has been working hard to bring over 250,000 pounds of chain and 60,000 pounds of anchor back aboard,"  Capt. Robert Aguilar, commanding officer at USS George H. W. Bush, said in a statement published Wednesday.

The deck department removed the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier's anchors and chain in February. The team started the eight-day installation effort on June 8 and is slated to incorporate the second anchor within the month.

USS George H. W. Bush will receive maintenance and updates on its various platforms during its DPIA. The U.S. Navy anticipates the ship to return to service in 2021.