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U.S. Army Research may Help Autonomous Systems Understand Events

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Army Research Laboratory, part of the service's Combat Capabilities Development Command, has created a platform that helps autonomous systems analyze and rationalize real-world scenarios. The platform, named Rich Event Ontology, uses data-driven semantic schemas to serve as a resource for computational recognition, the Army said Thursday.

“This research supports the state-of-the art in event detection, which is truly pivotal for autonomous systems to be able to understand what is going on, who is doing it, where is it happening, how and why,” said Claire Bonial, a social scientist at ARL.

REO also applies information on basic logic to explain events and build context for the understanding of autonomous systems. The technology also aligns with the Army's priority to modernize soldier lethality.

Cambridge University Press will release a publication, titled "Computational Analysis of Storylines: Making Sense of Events," that will contain a chapter on Bonial's work.