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SDA’s Derek Tournear Talks Army Partnerships for Space Defense Layer Effort

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Derek Tournear
Derek Tournear

Derek Tournear, director of the Space Development Agency (SDA), said SDA is working to establish a multilayered space defense architecture to enable direct communication between weapons systems and a tactical data link, DoD News reported Friday.

Tournear told attendees at an Aviation Week-hosted teleconference that the U.S. Army serves as SDA’s "closest partner" to leverage the satellite network to detect beyond-line-of-sight mobile targets and hypersonic missile threats.

He noted that the Link-16 data link technology will support the mesh network’s functionalities related to the targeting of ground and maritime assets as well as the rapid transmission of on-orbit data to the ground.

Such efforts will support SDA’s partnership with the Army for the Titan high-frequency satellite communications program and the U.S. Navy’s similar satcom initiatives once the SDA satellite network goes live, Tournear noted.