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NSC’s Scott Pace on Point-to-Point Suborbital Spaceflight

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Scott Pace
Scott Pace

Scott Pace, executive secretary of the National Space Council, said he still sees the market for point-to-point, high-speed suborbital spaceflight as “somewhat over the horizon,” SpaceNews reported Tuesday.

“I see us working right now on trying to get the suborbital market up, running and sort of stabilized,” Pace said Monday during a meeting of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee. “I think people look forward to the possibility of point-to-point passenger and cargo travel, but right now just getting routine suborbital access to space and pushing hard on the unmanned hypersonic and military applications is where the action is.”

Pace provided updates on space policy directives and reaffirmed the administration’s support for the commercial space sector.

“The creation of a lightly regulated entrepreneurial space industry, supported by regulation that adapts to changes, is really a model for the rest of the world as they decide how they want to take advantage of space,” he said.