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NASA Recognizes KBR for Work Under Small Business Programs; Byron Bright, Glenn Delgado Quoted

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Byron Bright
Byron Bright

KBR has received multiple NASA awards for its work with the agency's small business programs throughout 2019, including the Mentor-Protégé Agreement of the Year, Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year and the Center-level NASA Small Business Industry Awards, the company reported on Wednesday.

"KBR values its small business partners and recognizes our combined efforts will forge the future of space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research," said Byron Bright, President, KBR Government Solutions U.S. and 2020 Wash100 Award recipient. 

KBR, nominated by Johnson Space Center (JSC), received the award for its mentorship of JES Tech, a woman-owned small business. As part of its three-year agreement, KBR will continue to provide JES Tech with guidance in occupational medicine and health, environmental laboratory services, quality management, job architecture and business development. 

The company has also supported spaceflight operations development, preparation and execution; mission systems support; and human spaceflight activities. KBR experts staff flight discipline consoles in the Mission Control Center and assist with a broad spectrum of operations for NASA's current human spaceflight program.

In Jan. 2020, KBR signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA Johnson Space Center to provide human spaceflight operation services to commercial companies, becoming the first company to use the agency's facilities and capabilities. 

NASA has granted KBR access to train private astronauts in various spaceflight tasks including operating onboard International Space Station systems, integrating into the existing ISS crew, performing routine operational tasks, maintaining health and performance and responding to emergencies.

The company will also provide medical operations and services prior to, during, and after spaceflights, as well as mission planning, training and execution. KBR will train astronauts for private space travel to the ISS.

KBR currently trains and provides medical support to NASA and ISS international partner astronauts and supports all planning and execution aspects of mission operations. The company will additionally provide specialized services to support the agency’s astronauts. 

"Pioneering space is a collaborative effort. KBR works with high-performing small businesses to reach for the stars and beyond," added Bright.

In addition, KBR received the Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year award at Ames Research Center (ARC) for its contract performance, participation in NASA-related outreach events, sound small business practices and use of small business contractors.

KBR received a potential $400 million contract from NASA to provide research and development services for ARC’s intelligent systems division in Jan. 2020. The cost-plus-fixed-fee hybrid contract includes technical assistance and resources in support of the division’s scientific research and application and technology development efforts in various research domains.

The company will also support the integration of information technology systems into NASA missions and other federal projects. Work on the contract began in March 2020. The contract has a phase-in period of 60 days, a base term of two years and three two-year options.

"This year's winners are dynamic individuals and companies that provide unparalleled support to the agency, and thankfully they are the tip of the iceberg," said NASA's associate administrator of the Office of Small Business Programs Glenn Delgado. "The small business community is overflowing with exceptional companies that are reaching new heights with creativity and innovation."

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