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FCC to Accelerate 5G Implementation

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FCC to Accelerate 5G Implementation

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will push through with the plan to convert the C-band spectrum into a medium for the implementation of 5G connectivity.

The agency said Monday that its Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has already made agreements with satellite operators on the 5G implementation’s schedule. FCC wants to have 5G occupy a large percentage of the C-band spectrum portion.

“The acceptance of accelerated relocation by all eligible satellite operators vindicates the FCC’s approach for making C-band spectrum available for 5G more quickly,” said Ajit Pai, FCC chairman.

The commission’s planned 5G implementation requires operators to shift megahertz settings in the C-band space to accommodate ground-based or terrestrial connectivity. The 5G operators so far are Intelsat, Telesat, Eutelsat, SES and Star One.

FCC plans to commence an auction for the C-band spectrum in December. Spectrum adjustments will occur over two phases through December 2023.