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DIU’s Michael McGinley: DoD Needs to Overcome Bureaucracy to Drive Innovation

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Michael McGinley
Michael McGinley

Col. Michael McGinley, director of defense engagement at the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), has said the Department of Defense (DoD) needs to keep at pace with DIU and industry in implementing changes, DoD News reported Wednesday.

McGinley said at a recent Defense One event that DoD must overcome its bureaucracies and move beyond merely meeting program requirements. The department also needs to focus more on letting its industry partners figure out solutions to problems instead of telling them how to do it, he added.

"Every time we get this great nugget of an idea that comes in, we really think across three levels of internal DoD engagement,” said McGinley.

“One, we have to find the headquarters organization. Two, the acquisition organization who's going to really help us implement lifecycle management. And the third is the end user. If you're not moving and engaging those in parallel, you're going to lose."