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Army Futures Command Creates Research Team to Predict Warfare Trends

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The U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC) has established a team of technical experts that will work to forecast trends in areas such as biotechnology and space for potential warfare applications, Defense One reported Friday.

Team Ignite will utilize artificial intelligence and data analytics to assess current technology programs and breakthroughs to provide insight on the defense landscape in the 2040 to 2050 period.

The team of scientists is currently slated to produce a report detailing developments on the concept of maneuverability in the battlefield, according to Defense One.

“Any particular scientific discovery has to be matured, moved, iterated on, in order to actually deliver something that the Army wants and it is that pathway out that the discovery trees are trying to build,” said Jean Vettel, chief scientist for the Army's Futures and Concepts Center and a neuroscientist at the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command.

“The goal of the discovery tree is to provide a pathway from [science projects] to operational advantage," she noted.