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National Space Council Addresses FCC’s Proposed Orbital Debris Policy; Scott Pace Quoted

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Scott Pace
Scott Pace
Scott Pace
Scott Pace

The National Space Council, an office handling space-related policy, is talking with various agencies on policy to mitigate orbital debris, Space News reported Thursday.

This engagement responds to the Federal Communications Commission's proposal of requirements that include large fees satellite operators would have to pay for potential damages and failure to appropriately dispose of decommissioned satellites.

FCC now considers putting off and reviewing majority of these proposed regulations.

Michael O’Rielly, FCC commissioner, said in an April 23 meeting that U.S. regulations must not impose more expenses compared to those of other countries.

Scott Pace, the space council's executive secretary, said he accepts FCC's move to reconsider the regulations of concern.

“I think the commission is interested in trying to make sure that we don’t place undue burdens, but that at the same time we provide incentives for ensuring that the space environment remains sustainable for the long term,” Pace stated.