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Honeywell Improves Building Health Environments Amid COVID-19; Vimal Kapur Quoted

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Vimal Kapur
Vimal Kapur
Vimal Kapur
Vimal Kapur

Honeywell has launched an integrated set of solutions to help building owners improve the health of their building environments, the company reported on Wednesday

"Honeywell has developed outcome-based solutions that allow building owners to transparently address how they limit exposure to and the spread of viruses while supporting their business continuity needs in an uncertain environment. We're giving them the data they need to confidently reassure their employees to accelerate their business operations," said Vimal Kapur, president and CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies. 

Honeywell has integrated air quality, safety and security technologies along with advanced analytics to help building owners minimize potential risks of contamination and ensure business continuity. The company’s offerings will monitor both the building environment and building occupants' behaviors.

The company’s solutions will provide building owners with more control over critical health, safety and security factors to encourage sustained compliance with changing building standards, safety guidelines, government-issued regulations and a company's risk management policies. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the culture of how buildings are managed by making apparent the need to ensure health and well-being in all aspects of our lives," added Kapur.  

Honeywell's Healthy Buildings solutions are part of a comprehensive effort among Honeywell's businesses to come together to quickly develop solutions that are helping important sectors of the global economy recover. 

The company’s Healthy Buildings solutions provide a holistic view of a building's health based on key factors such as indoor air quality, occupant flow, personal protection equipment (PPE) analytics, thermal screening, social distancing and sanitation efficacy.

The fully integrated air quality, health, safety and security controls are backed by expert services and remote monitoring support. Customers can also leverage their existing infrastructure, including third-party solutions, to affordably enhance air quality and security outcomes.

Other businesses within Honeywell are introducing innovative new technologies to provide a healthier environment for customers and end users. The company has also developed an Environment Control System Health check that allows airlines to quickly use aircraft data and advanced analytics to monitor for and ensure healthy air quality in the cabin.

"Returning to work after a pandemic will not be returning to business as usual. Occupants will want credible information and increased visibility into how building technology is protecting their health and what has been done to ensure that the buildings they enter are safe,” Kapur concluded. 

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