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Deloitte Partners with UiPath to Deliver DIDP to Accelerate Data Processing; David Wright, Cheryln Chin Quoted

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Deloitte and UiPath have partnered to deliver Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing (DIDP), an on-premise or cloud-based automation accelerator, delivering a capability which captures documents before extracting, classifying, and verifying their data for processing, Deloitte reported on Monday.

“Using Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing, our clients can reduce document processing time significantly, boosting productivity and allowing teams to focus on more business-critical tasks,” said David Wright, partner at Deloitte.

The partnership will integrate technology, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), Machine Learning (ML) and the UiPath RPA. DIDP will handle multiple document types by processing any type of structured or semi-structured document, ranging from invoices to contracts.

“Complicated risk processes that currently rely on data in unstructured documents and time-consuming analysis can be improved, such as in financial spreading, financial prospecting, tax returns, bank statements, contracts, and more,” added Wright.

DIDP will process thousands of invoices from 124 different vendors and has increased capacity by more than 30 percent for invoice processing. DIDP will capture invoices using UiPath, then extract, classify and validate invoice data using machine learning (ML) for ongoing training of invoices.

If there is data that cannot be matched, this goes for verification but the points that need to be checked are clearly highlighted, to reduce time. The invoice is then processed in the ERP system using UiPath. With DIDP, the number of errors when processing invoices have been reduced and there has been an increase in productivity.

Deloitte and UiPath have been working together to implement RPA and intelligent automation technologies for clients across a wide array of industries and sectors, including financial services, supply chain, human resources, and procurement.

“Working together on the Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing offering underscores how we have approached automation as an enterprise-wide challenge by taking RPA and OCR to the next level of sophistication and introducing machine learning powered extraction and analysis. We look forward to collaborating further to deliver real transformational outcomes that address the dynamic challenges facing clients,” said Cheryln Chin, a global vice president at UiPath.

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