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Air Force Modernizes Facility Analytics Tech

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U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force

The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center has updated an analytics suite designed to identify infrastructure and facility funding requirements for U.S. Air Force bases.

The updated Installation Health Assessment system will help commanders align funding needs for mission support areas, the Air Force said Thursday.

IHA also features over 150 dashboards that enable users to visualize and evaluate performance in various areas such as base communications, combat support and facility operations. The Air Force Chief Data Office stores the system's data and transmits them to a large database.

"Our long-term IT strategy called for automated processes that could efficiently collect, store and compute an immense amount of data from across the Air Force," said Marc Vandeveer, chief innovation officer at AFIMSC.

The center intends to deliver automated subscription-based updates to USAF and the U.S. Space Force and is working to modernize airfield management services.