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UiPath Partners with Swiftqueue to Expedite Healthcare System During COVID-19 Pandemic; Ian McGregor, Brendan Casey Quoted

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UiPath has partnered with Swiftqueue, the cloud-based scheduling platform for healthcare, to support patients and hospitals, and create significant savings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced on Wednesday.

“Our partnership with Swiftqueue is tried and tested now and is providing real, tangible, benefits to the Irish people, clinicians and the hospitals for COVID-19 testing. In the long term, giving patients autonomy over their appointment booking will reduce the number of healthcare staff required to manage this process,” Ian McGregor, Public Sector Director UK & Ireland at UiPath, said.

Under the partnership, UiPath will provide its unattended automation solution to bridge Swiftqueue’s patient engagement system with the multiple data storing systems with Swiftqueue hospitals.

The Swiftqueue platform has been used in Ireland, the U.K., the U.S. and Canada to schedule patients for outpatient and diagnostic clinic appointments, including blood tests in hospitals and community settings.

“Automation ensures data consistency across multiple hospital departments, with clinicians and healthcare administrators having rapid access to the correct data. This frees up medical staff who can be deployed to other departments on the frontline patient care where the need for them is greater, both while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and in the aftermath,” added McGregor.

Through UiPath’s software robots, the solution will be functional across all hospitals, national healthcare trusts and organizations, diagnostic clinics and specialty departments. Software robots log into all the hospital record systems, verify and pull correct patient data and available slots across every medical specialty into the scheduling platform.

The patient will then be granted access to a personal account where all appointment details for the patient and their family can be stored and reviewed. If the patient cannot attend an appointment, they will able to reschedule.

Once the appointment booking process is complete, robots will automate reporting, aggregate data and communicate key reporting widely in multiple formats to hospitals and healthcare organizations.

With UiPath’s solution, hospital statistics have shown that for 40 percent of the patients who receive the appointment times via post, the proposed time will not suit them. While 15 percent of them change their plans and attend the medical appointment, 85 percent need to call the hospital for rescheduling.

“The global presence and the extended partner community currently managed by UiPath worldwide is a very attractive environment for Swiftqueue to collaborate in when looking to improve the daily lives of patients and healthcare staff,” Brendan Casey, CEO of Swiftqueue, said.

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