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Mark Amtower: How LinkedIn Can Help Turn “Social Distancing” into Social Proximity, Part Two

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While working from home, we each need to create our own “new normal” to stay in touch with our respective networks. The easiest way to do this is to utilize tools we are familiar with but perhaps are not fully exploiting- things like ZOOM and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become an integral part of our ecosystem, yet only a small percentage of those in GovCon use it as well as they could or should.

In Part One, I discussed monitoring your network by regularly scanning both your Notifications page and your Home page. I do this a couple times every day.

Your Home page is where you can monitor what is going on in your network. You can also post information (links to articles, thoughts, shorter ideas) or you can write an article yourself.

Your Notifications page is where you will see birthday announcements, job changes, what people are sharing and commenting on, as well as any references to you.

You should monitor these to find things to comment on, which in turn puts you on the radar via the Home and Notifications pages of those in your network. Your activity will also show up on your own profile. If you are doing this, it’s time to take monitoring those pages to a new level.

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