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Jacobs’ Receives Recognition for Company Diversity, Social Contribution, Digital Twin Technology, Hydrogen Economy, Climate Change Mitigation, eDNA; Steve Demetriou Quoted

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Jacobs has been recognized by Environmental Business International (EBI) with six business achievement awards for leadership and outstanding performance in its corporate, environmental and climate change work in 2019, the company announced on Wednesday.

“As we face some of the world’s toughest challenges, including clean water, affordable energy, connectivity, climate change, environmental pollution and economic growth, our people are working to find better ways to create an enduring legacy,” said Jacobs chair and CEO Steve Demetriou.

The first award Jacobs received, inclusion and diversity, has recognized the company’s continued efforts to develop “Conscious Inclusion” training for all employees, broadening ethnic and gender diversity in its executive team and adding an eighth global employee network, called “ACE” (Access. Connect. Empower.).

The efforts have celebrated and raised awareness of those with physical, cognitive and mobility impairments and broadened LGBTQI+ recognition. In Jan. 2020, Jacobs joined The Valuable 500, an organization that seeks to ensure disability inclusion is on business leadership agendas, to Jacobs to  encourage corporate diversity, including disability, in the workplace.

“As a member of The Valuable 500, Jacobs is committed to the journey of becoming a more accessible and inclusive company, leveraging our Inclusion & Diversity platform to encompass disability in the workplace on a global scale, while empowering employees to bring their full, authentic selves to work,” said Steve Demetriou, Jacobs chair and CEO.

The company also received an industry leadership award for its hydrogen economy. Jacobs developed a sustainable hydrogen supply chain model tailored for Australia’s emerging hydrogen economy. Jacobs’ global thought leaders developed a white paper that outlined a sustainable vision for hydrogen production in Australia in May 2019.

The third award recognized Jacobs’ social contributions. The company worked with Home Leone’s anti-poverty program in the West Africa country of Sierra Leone, which is developing a new community and relocating more than 2,000 people from across Freetown’s 62 slums to new, secure, low-cost homes.

Jacobs’ received an award on technology merit, recognizing the company’s development of the Replica digital twin software platform that has produced simulations of physical infrastructure and processes in the digital realm.

Jacobs has integrated Replica into its projects and clients to minimize energy and chemical usage on water and industrial water-related processes, develop alternative control strategies against wet weather events and create digital twins of infrastructure.

Jacobs has implemented a new practice area using environmental DNA (eDNA) and metagenomics sequencing technology for the ecosystem and biological monitoring, providing safe, efficient and unbiased biodiversity surveys in aquatic and terrestrial systems that are quicker, less expensive and more reliable than traditional survey approaches. Because of the company’s innovation, Jacobs received a “new practice award”

Jacobs has been recognized for its ultra-low emission zone. The company prepared an impact assessment for the world’s first Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London, England, which requires that all cars (other than taxis), motorcycles, vans, minibusses, buses, coaches and heavy-goods vehicles meet emissions standards or pay a charge.

“I am also very proud of the significant strides the company has made with inclusion and diversity – which is the central element of the Jacobs culture – continually empowering our employees to find strength in our differences,” added Demetriou.

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