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DHS Cyber Agency to Release New Capabilities for CDM Dashboards; Judy Baltensperger Quoted

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The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will begin deploying new capabilities for Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation dashboards in April to help federal agencies gain more insight into their cybersecurity posture, Fifth Domain reported Wednesday.

Judy Baltensperger, project manager for the CDM dashboard at CISA, said the agency will start fielding risk-scoring and ongoing assessment metrics and other “minimum viable products” for the dashboards this month.

“We’re going to focus on delivering simple features,” Baltensberger said. “Then through our scaled, agile software development, we’re going to iteratively make enhancements to each of these products, and we’re also going to be collecting user feedback from each one of [the] agencies.”

She said DHS will release another update in August and another set of minimum viable products like threat intelligence feed integration and system health monitoring in November.

“The goal is going to be fit for use, operational data. We want you to trust the data that is in this dashboard, and we want to see you start to take action and make risk-based decisions on it,” Baltensberger said.