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AWS Launches Amazon AppFlow to Manage Bidirectional Data Flows Between AWS, SaaS; Kurt Kufeld, Sarah Franklin Quoted

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon AppFlow, a fully managed service that provides an easy, secure way for customers to create and automate bidirectional data flows between AWS and SaaS applications without writing custom integration code, the company announced on Thursday.

“It can be difficult to manage the flow of data between AWS and these applications,” said Kurt Kufeld, vice president, AWS. “Amazon AppFlow provides an intuitive and easy way for customers to combine data from AWS and SaaS applications without moving it across the public Internet.”

Amazon AppFlow’s interface will be able to build and execute data flows between sources in minutes to securely orchestrate the data transfer. Amazon AppFlow console, customers can configure multiple types of triggers for data flows, including one-time on-demand transfers, routine data syncs scheduled at predetermined times.

In addition, customers will be able to pull logs and metric data from monitoring tools for deep analytics in Amazon Redshift, or send customer engagement data for sentiment analysis. The solution will enable customers to transform and process the data by combining fields, filtering records, masking sensitive data and validating field values.

Amazon AppFlow will automatically encrypt data at rest and in motion using AWS or customer-managed encryption keys, and will enable users to restrict data from flowing over the public Internet for applications that are integrated with AWS PrivateLink to reduce exposure to security threats.

“With Amazon AppFlow, our customers bring together and manage petabytes, even exabytes, of data spread across all of their applications – all without having to develop custom connectors or manage underlying API and network connectivity,” added Kufeld.

One of AWS’ customers, Salesforce, a cloud-based software company that provides customer-relationship management service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development has integrated the solution to improve business operations.

“With Amazon AppFlow integrating directly with Salesforce Private Connect, joint customers will be able to establish a secure, private connection for passing data back and forth between the Salesforce and AWS platforms,” said Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM Platform, Trailhead & Developers, Salesforce. “And because these connections can be set up by Salesforce admins in just a few clicks, companies can cut down on costly and timely engineering resources, and begin doing more with their data faster than ever before.”

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