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President Trump Signs Law Enabling Replacement, Removal of Risky 5G Telecom Equipment

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President Trump has signed legislation focused on ensuring the security of 5G technologies intended to support critical infrastructure and expand broadband access to rural areas and underserved communities.

The White House said Thursday the  Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act impoises bans on the use of federal funding to procure telecommunications technologies from companies that “pose a national security threat.” The administration will provide reimbursements to entities that have deployed telecom equipment from blacklisted firms to cover removal and replacement work.

As part of the legislation, the federal government will facilitate information-sharing across its stakeholder network to promote supply shain security and mitigate risks to 5G implementation.

“The stakes could not be higher—America’s citizens and our foreign partners must be able to trust that our 5G networks are reliable, private, and secure,” the White House notice states.

The Trump administration is “working with allies and partners” to develop telecom security principles and ensure that the private sector has spectrum access to support mid-band communications and improved wireless connectivity, according to the notice.