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George Kailiwai Outlines USINDOPACOM’s Hypersonics, AI Priorities

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George Kailiwai
George Kailiwai

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command has cited hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence and fully networked command, control and communications capabilities as key technologies that can support its missions, National Defense Magazine reported Wednesday.

George Kailiwai, director of requirements and resources at USINDOPACOM, said at the Pacific Operational Science and Technology Conference in Honolulu that hypersonic missiles, or weapons that can ravel beyond Mach 5, are a “key military capability” and top priority for the command.

He also said that USINDOPACOM seeks AI and machine learning capabilities to quicken the transmission of information and discern critical data. FNC3 systems can also support rapid communication between military personnel, he added.

“FNC technology provides a robust path towards redundant and resilient communications networks to link U.S. military forces with the forces of our allies and partners, with sufficient protection against adversaries who would attempt to deny us the ability to command and control and communicate,” said Kailiwai.

Other priority areas that Kailiwai mentioned include quantum science, cryptographic communications, cyber defense, microelectronics and biotechnology.