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DOE Unveils $60M Computing Research Program for Scientific Efforts

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The Department of Energy eyes to allot $60M in funds to build computational tools and techniques that will work to speed up scientific discovery initiatives.

DOE said Tuesday it seeks to form teams that are composed of experts and researchers in applied mathematics, computer science and various scientific disciplines to develop computing methods that will address scientific questions through the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing program.

The program aims to cover various areas such as condensed matter physics, materials science, fusion energy sciences and nuclear physics. DOE expects the teams to utilize DOE Office of Science supercomputing facilities at Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley and Oak Ridge National Laboratories in line with the program.

Universities, businesses, national laboratories and nonprofit organizations with multi-institutional partnerships are eligible to apply for the program. DOE's Office of Science will provide funding for five-year projects, while out-year funds are subject to Congressional appropriations.

Applicants have until April 14 to submit letters of intent, while full applications are due May 12.