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Australia to Reservice Retired Aircraft for USAF Training

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The Australian government will prepare decommissioned F/A-18 Classic Hornet aircraft over a maximum of four years for U.S. Air Force training services.

Australia's defense department said Sunday it will reservice 46 retired F/A-18 units that Air USA, an air combat training provider, will buy and use to deliver services.

The reservicing work would also create jobs for those residing in New South Wales' Hunter region.

Melissa Price, Australia's defense industry minister, said preparation work would generate 24 industry jobs as the Royal Australian Air Force transitions to the F‑35 aircraft. Australia has ordered a total of 72 F-35 units.

“Apart from the jobs directly supported by the work at RAAF Base Williamtown, more defense industry jobs are expected to be created across Australia through repair and overhaul work on aircraft servicing components," she added.