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Ryan Frigm, Technical Director of SDA, to Give Keynote Address at Potomac Officers Club’s Defense Research and Development Summit 2020 on Feb. 6th

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Ryan Frigm, technical director of the Space Development Agency (SDA), will serve as a keynote speaker during Potomac Officers Club’s 6th Annual Defense Research and Development Summit 2020 on Thursday, Feb. 6th.

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The SDA was designed to monitor future threat-driven National Defense Space Architecture. Its mission is to unify and integrate the development of space capabilities across the Department. SDA will continue to develop new military space capabilities to ensure our technological and military advantage in space.

The agency is also responsible programmatic policy development, execution for next-generation military space capabilities, and collaboration with Principal Staff Assistants for those programs funded in the Military Intelligence Program. SDA has provided responsive and resilient space capabilities primarily supporting the Joint Force foundational activities and operations warfighters’​ lethality, maneuverability, and survival.

During his keynote address, Frigm will discuss the challenges within the Space research and defense sectors as technological advancements continue to influence aspects of the GovCon industry, which continue to lead to major technological advances in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Jim Faist, director of Defense Research and Engineering for Advanced Capabilities of U.S. Department of Defense, and Kristen Baldwin, deputy director of strategic technology protection and exploitation at the Department of Defense (DDR&E(R&T)), will serve as keynote speakers in addition to Frigm.

Following the keynote speakers, an expert panel of leaders from across the federal government and industry, including Dr. Frank Klemm from the U.S. Navy, Scott Gilman from the U.S. Army,  and Timothy Grayson, director of Strategic Technology with DARPA, will give their take on the challenges and initiatives currently impacting the research and development sector.

Join Potomac Officers Club to hear the latest priorities, advancements and challenges that face the top executives from the public and private sectors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn what initiatives top federal and industrial employees have for the future.

Register here for POC’s 6th Annual Defense Research and Development Summit 2020 on Thursday, Feb. 6th.