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Rimini Street Establishes Whole-of-Government Agreement with Australia to Support Enterprise Software; Randall Brugeaud, Emmanuelle Hose Quoted

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Rimini Street, Inc. has established a new whole-of-government volume sourcing agreement with the Australian Government to generate significant savings on enterprise software support for the government, the company announced on Friday.

“The Digital Transformation Agency continues to expand whole-of-government volume sourcing agreements to ensure that agencies have ready access to the best pricing, terms and conditions that leverage the buying power of government,” said chief executive officer of the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency, Randall Brugeaud.

Rimini Street will provide technology services to government agencies, enabling easier and more cost effective access third-party software support for major software products. The agreement has been incorporated into the government’s agenda to transform ICT procurement,  creating simpler, clearer and faster transaction services.

“Government agencies of all sizes now have easier access to an affordable alternative for their enterprise software maintenance and more options to consider in support of the GovERP Initiative,” said Emmanuelle Hose, regional general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Rimini Street. “This agreement provides an opportunity for government organizations to take back control of their IT roadmaps and drive innovation while lowering costs,” he added.

Rimini Street has previously completed work for  numerous government agencies in Australia, including the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, and the Victorian Government Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, among others.

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