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Jose Arrieta Talks Implementation of Blockchain Tech for HHS Acquisition Efforts

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Jose Arrieta
Jose Arrieta

Jose Arrieta, chief information officer of the Department of Health and Human Services, said the department’s efforts to implement blokchain-based technology has helped it streamline acquisition procedures.

In an interview with FedTech Magazine published Tuesday, Arrieta said that the department’s HHS Accelerate technology deploys distributed-ledger capabilities and collates information from disparate data sets.

It also works to record vendor interactions to simplify responses to requests for information and uses a neural network to assess personnel capacity to perform work on certain projects.

“We want to lessen the burden on industry partners,” Arrieta said. “We want to enable program officials with the information they need to do their job in real-time. We want to empower contracting professionals with insight into terms and conditions and prices paid.”

According to Arrieta, HHS is also interested in deploying behavioral-based identity and internet-of-things capabilities.