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Virginia Tech Secures DoD Awards for Research Instrumentation Capabilities

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The Department of Defense has selected Virginia Tech for awards under the Pentagon’s annual Defense University Research Instrumentation Program.

Virginia Tech said Tuesday it secured $650,000 from the Office of Naval Research for its aircraft engine testbed that will support particle ingestion research for turboshaft engines. Rolls-Royce also provided an additional $750,000 for research efforts and has committed to provide $100,000 annually for further laboratory efforts.

The testbed will be installed at the university’s Advanced Power and Propulsion Lab in spring 2020.

In addition, Virginia Tech’s aerospace and ocean engineering department received $192,000 from ONR for its high-frequency optical imaging system that measures pressure evolution during bubble collapse. Other awards that Virginia Tech academics received include $123,000 for a nano-calorimeter designed to measure chemical reactions at the level of small molecules. 

DURIP has awarded $49 million in funding to 172 university researchers representing 91 institutions across the U.S.