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VA’s Nat’l AI Institute Seeks Partnerships for Rapid R&D Efforts

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The Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Artificial Intelligence Institute is working with other agencies as well as academic, industry and nonprofit entities to identify potential veteran-focused applications for AI technology, Nextgov reported Wednesday.

Gil Alterovitz, NAII’s head and AI director, said at an ACT-IAC event in Washington, D.C. that the new center is focused on research and development efforts on deep learning, privacy-preserving and trustworthy AI, multiscale AI analysis and explainable AI.

NAII, established last month, has conducted rapid development efforts or tech sprints and previously collaborated with healthcare technology firm DeepMind Health to create an AI-driven forecasting system for kidney disease.

According to Alterovitz, the center seeks to launch public-private partnerships that enable rapid access to small datasets to be used in future pilot programs, competitions and tech sprints.

“We are at that time in history where human intelligence at some point will intersect with artificial intelligence,” he said. “And so it’s a really special time for us to learn about it.”