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Dean Souleles on AI Adoption Within US Intelligence Community

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Dean Souleles
Dean Souleles

Dean Souleles, chief technology adviser at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said the U.S. intelligence community is advancing the use of artificial intelligence and one of the organizations adopting AI is the CIA’s Open Source Enterprise, Defense One reported Monday.

“Imagine that your job is to read every newspaper in the world, in every language; watch every television news show in every language around the world. You don’t know what’s important, but you need to keep up with all the trends and events,” Souleles said. “That’s the job of the Open Source Enterprise, and they are using technology tools and tradecraft to keep pace. They leverage partnerships with AI machine-learning industry leaders, and they deploy these cutting-edge tools.”

Souleles discussed how AI helps the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency send alerts and navigation data to sailors and mariners and how the technology allows the National Security Agency identify patterns in signals intelligence data.

He also cited training data collection and labeling as one of the challenges to AI adoption.