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Maj. Gen. Lee Payne: Military Health System Focuses on Quality, Security of New EHR Platform

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Lee Payne
Lee Payne

Maj. Gen. Lee Payne, director for combat support at the Defense Health Agency, said the U.S. military’s new electronic health records system works to help DHS manage the quality of care for personnel and protect their data.

He told audience at the Society of Federal Health Professionals’ annual meeting that MHS Genesis  implementation efforts involved computer security, medical device and cloud computing tests, the agency said Tuesday.

A team of Leidos, Cerner and Accenture won a multiyear, multibillion dollar contract from the Department of Defense in July 2015 to integrate a commercial EHS technology across the system.

“The bottom line of the national defense strategy is enhancing readiness and increasing lethality,” Payne said.

“We want our system to help us do that, and then enhance our ability to make the health care system operate more effectively. MHS Genesis helps us move in that direction,” he added.

Eight west coast sites have already adopted MHS Genesis, and DHA plans to continue the phased deployment initiative in June. The agency aims to fully complete the process by 2023.