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Lucian Niemeyer: Navy Partners With DOE to Improve Energy Resiliency

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Lucian Niemeyer
Lucian Niemeyer

Lucian Niemeyer, acting assistant secretary of the Navy for energy, installations and environment, said an Energy Savings Performance Contract signed by the Department of Energy with the Navy seeks to help the service improve resiliency when it comes to energy sources, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

“This will truly get us to [our] National Security [goals], which is more efficiency for the future as well as being able to ensure we have reliable, resilient and effective power for us right now,” Niemeyer said of the contract. “We are laser focused on ensuring resiliency to power our platforms and bases for the future.”

The deal will help the service generate over $834M in savings over 22 years, according to the report. Niemeyer said the Navy is partnering with DOE as it looks for possible ways that could provide the service the best advantage in operational and tactical environments.

“We are working with the Department of Energy to ensure regardless of any actions that are taken by anybody, we have a resilient grid and we can still project military power and protect our national security interest. The more we do today, the more deterrence we can put in place making it less likely anyone will ever want to attack our grid because it’s resilient and we have a way of responding very quickly,” he added.