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Gen. John Raymond: Space Force to Support Nation’s Satellite Security

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John Raymond
John Raymond

Gen. John Raymond, who leads U.S. Space Command, said the country would be able to better protect satellites with the U.S. Space Force’s establishment, Space News reported Monday.

Raymond sat down with Space News to talk about various developments regarding Space Command and the Space Force.

He said his command has formed agreements with various nations regarding the sharing of space data for boosted situational awareness. Chile and Finland serve as the latest additions to the command’s alliance of space awareness.

The U.S. SPACECOM leader also said the command will physically grow to a much larger force upon reaching full operational status after two years.

“We are finalizing our campaign plan for space and we expect that campaign plan will be done in by February,” he noted.

Raymond will concurrently serve as leader of both U.S. SPACECOM and the Fiscal 2020 Space Force if the National Defense Authorization Act is approved as a law.

The bill’s passage would have U.S. SPACECOM absorb Air Force Space Command, an organization also led by Raymond.