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David Isaacson: 5G Can Support Army’s Training, Base Security Improvement Efforts

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Maj. Gen. David Isaacson, director of networks, services and strategy at the U.S. Army, said that 5G connectivity can be leveraged for training activities and physical security at installations in the future, C4ISRnet reported Wednesday.

In an interview with the publication, Isaacson noted that 5G can potentially be used to support real-time data transmission in a synthetic training environment. He added that the technology can assist logistics operations, reduce servicemen and women’s exposure to harmful environments and help accelerate the automation of security systems at military facilities.

“From a capacity and low-latency perspective alone, I think we’re going to find that extraordinary amounts of data are going to be able to be maneuvered,” he said. “The opportunities at posts, camps and stations are boundless. I think it’s going to be successful because of the partnership with our industry partners. They are going to help us to get it rolled out.”