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CNAS Report Presents R&D, Tech Talent Policy Recommendations to Ensure US Leadership in AI

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A new Center for a New American Security report offers several recommendations for U.S. government leaders to help ensure U.S. leadership in artificial intelligence.

CNAS said Tuesday the recommendations are classified into seven sections: research and development; human talent; illicit technology transfer; AI hardware; AI norms; government readiness; and AI standards and measurement.

The center called on the government to increase annual R&D spending on AI to $25B by 2025, incentivize industry research on AI by providing tax credits and access to government datasets and promote international R&D cooperation.

The government should raise the cap for H1-B visas, eliminate the cap for advanced degree holders and boost funding opportunities for university researchers to further develop tech talent.

Small and medium-sized companies should get more cyber defense support and universities should enhance collaboration with U.S. counterintelligence experts to address illegal tech transfer.

CNAS also recommended the establishment of multilateral export controls on semiconductor manufacturing equipment, an increase in the availability of affordable compute resources and diversification of semiconductor fabrication through the creation of an international fab consortium with allies. Domestic semiconductor manufacturing efforts should be supported with retooling incentives and semiconductor supply chains should be secured through public-private partnerships.