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AWS, Novaritis Partner to Digitize Business Operations; Bertrand Bodson Quoted

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a joint venture with Novaritis (NYSE:NVS) on Wednesday to revamp the pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing, supply and delivery operations.

The planned end result of this multi-year partnership is using AWS cloud services to build “Insight Centers,†which will provide live data to manufacturing and planning teams to better serve the nearly 1 billion customers of Novaritis.

The “Insight Centers†will rely on AWS’s Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and will expand to include risk detecting inspections of manufacturing.

AWS boasts over 150 services for computation, security, application development and artificial intelligence (AI) among other things developed over the past 13 years in 69 Availability Zones and 22 geographic regions with plans for further expansions to Indonesia, Italy, South Africa and Spain.

Bertrand Bodson, chief digital officer at Novaritis commented saying, “I’m really proud of how the teams are working together on the ground to bring Amazon-like user experiences to our associates. There is a lot we can learn from the AWS team, and while manufacturing is a great starting place, we’re keen to also explore where else we can apply this technology.â€

Regarding the move by AWS, Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales Mike Clayville stated, “We are excited about this collaboration, bringing together AWS’s unmatched portfolio of services with deep Novartis expertise in the way they manufacture pharmaceuticals and the way they approach supply chain processes.â€