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Army Tests Electronic Warfare Tech for Rotary-Wing Aircraft

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The U.S. Army is continuing testing activities as part of efforts to integrate next-generation electronic warfare technology into its rotary-wing aircraft.

Ralph Troisio, the Army’s division chief for EW, air and ground survivability, said in an interview with FCW published Tuesday that the service branch seeks to deploy an electromagnetic environment to provide countermeasure defense capabilities for aircraft such as Apache and Chinook helicopters.

He noted that the Army is implementing simulation technology to support research and development work on EW technologies designed to protect the service’s ground and airborne assets.

“My biggest challenge is to know what’s available,” said Troisio. “The latest trending thing is artificial intelligence and machine learning. That’s on the table, so is any other technology — to know and try to utilize all available technology to stay ahead of the game.”

Troisio added that new technologies such as 5G connectivity “will be in consideration” for future EW testing initiatives.