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Roberto Guerrero: Air Force Must Shift Focus to Fuel Optimization Efforts

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Roberto Guerrero
Roberto Guerrero

Roberto Guerrero, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for operational energy, has said that the service must put focus on addressing fuel challenges and invest in technologies that optimize fuel demand.

In a Defense News piece published Monday, Guerrero wrote that the Air Force, which is largely dependent on fuel, must keep up with adversaries’ developments in fuel logistics and address risks that come with transporting fuel.

According to Guerrero, the Air Force must integrate operational and maintenance data to help inform decisions regarding fuel consumption. The service should also invest in drag-reduction technologies, energy-efficient engines and predictive maintenance capabilities to improve fuel optimization and aerial refueling operations.

In addition, Guerrero recommended the use of modeling and simulation to help airmen better understand challenges in energy and fuel logistics.

“When we use our assets more efficiently in peacetime, we build a more energy-aware culture that will better prepare our airmen for tomorrow’s fight, if and when it happens,” he said. “Smarter use of fuel means more funds available to invest in our airmen and weapon systems; and when we employ our assets optimally, we reduce stress on airframes and crews.”