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Jaisha Wray Talks Space Cybersecurity Working Group at Conference

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Jaisha Wray
Jaisha Wray

The National Security Council created a working group to help identify and manage cybersecurity risks in space as part of the National Cyber Strategy and Jaisha Wray of the council explained how the group promotes communication to carry out its mission, Fifth Domain reported Friday.

“What we saw was that across departments and agencies in the U.S. government, the space and the cyber people are often located in different offices in different bureaus, and so one of the early successes of our working group is simply just bringing these folks together to try to reduce stovepipes, compare notes and provide updates,” Wray, the council’s cybersecurity director, said at the CyberSat19 conference.

She cited the challenges faced by the council to build up space cybersecurity partnerships between the U.S. government, industry and international countries and how the space cybersecurity working group supports the newly formed space information sharing and analysis center.

“We were very pleased to see and now support the efforts of the new Space ISAC, which will help gather, analyze and disseminate critical cyberthreat information related to space among the federal commercial and international community,” Wray added.