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GSA Releases Updated Network Security Initiative for Federal Gov’t

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The General Services Administration has updated an initiative that seeks to augment network security across the federal government, FCW reported Friday.

The third version of the Trusted Internet Connection effort will enable government agencies to connect to the internet with reinforced flexibility.

Experts from the Department of Homeland Security, GSA and CISA look to implement TIC 3.0 into the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract as they find the initiative’s previous version insufficient to secure telecommunications contracts.

“We don’t only have to think about the network perimeter, or the network traffic, but about the applications themselves and how we can be smart about employing technologies to secure those application stacks and data and monitoring,” said John Simms, deputy branch chief of the Cybersecurity Assurance Branch in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s federal network resilience division.

GSA has teamed up with the Chief Information Security Council and CISA to develop TIC 3.0 pilot efforts and best practices for key applications.