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DOE Invests in FY20 Energy Frontier Research Center Initiatives

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The Department of Energy has earmarked $40 million to support chemistry, bioscience, geoscience and materials science research initiatives under new and existing Energy Frontier Research Centers for fiscal 2020.

DOE said Tuesday the EFRCs will support research efforts with universities, private entities, nonprofit organizations and national laboratories focused on subject areas such as environmental management, quantum information science, microelectronics and polymer upcycling or the conversion of waste plastics into high-value assets like fuel.

The centers may allocate up to $4 million for awards to cover a period of four fiscal years. DOE will facilitate peer-reviews to select EFRC awardees.

“These centers bring together the nation’s leading scientists in dynamic, innovative teams across multiple disciplines,” said Paul Dabbar, DOE’s undersecretary for science. “Together these researchers will be laying the groundwork for America’s next generation of technologies for both energy and the environment.”

EFRCs were launched in 2009 under DOE’s Office of Science. According to the department, 15 of the centers’ 46 active awards are slated to expire in July 2020.