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DoD Expects Seven Agencies to Get ‘Clean’ Opinions in FY 2019 Financial Audit

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The Department of Defense announced the completion of its fiscal year 2019 financial audit and expects seven component agencies to receive “clean” or unmodified opinions. DoD said Friday that auditors validated the resolution of over 550 findings in FY 2019, which accounted for more than 23 percent of FY 2018 audit findings.

Audits of the department’s office of inspector general and the Defense Information Systems Agency are still ongoing and are expected to conclude in January. The Pentagon expects the IG office and the Defense Commissary Agency to receive clean opinions.

The five DoD entities that retained unmodified opinions in FY 2019 are the Military Retirement Fund, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s Working Capital Fund, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Civil Works, Defense Contract Audit Agency and the Defense Health Agency-Contract Resource Management.

Auditors found no evidence of fraud and did not discover any significant concerns with regard to payments made to military members or civilian personnel during the second department-wide annual financial audit.

The FY 2019 audit involved over 1.4K auditors who visited more than 600 DoD sites to evaluate the department’s more than $2.9T in total assets. The effort led to the issuance of more than 1.3K notices of findings and recommendations to DoD components as of Nov. 15.