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DARPA Explores Biological Performance in Ongoing Research Program

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to access the maximum performance of military servicemen’s biological systems under a program announced in January.

DARPA said Friday its Measuring Biological Aptitude program seeks to determine the performance-related effects of measuring these biological systems.

The Department of Defense would use the MBA program’s resulting technologies to support training improvement, post-mission recovery, mission effectiveness and identification of special role candidates.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, GE Research and the Institute for Human Machine Cognition lead teams to correlate observable traits with quantifiable biological elements under the program.

These teams will work to identify and describe phenotypes, or interaction-based characteristics of an individual in an environment, based on military training measurements.

The program will then use these phenotypes to further study gene expression circuits, the molecular medium that facilitates the translation of genotypes to phenotypes.

MBA’s final phase will put the teams’ results into tests with actual members of the U.S. military.