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Rep. Ro Khanna Presents Bill to Require Federal Employee Cybersecurity Training

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Rep. Ro Khanna

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., has introduced a bill that aims to codify cybersecurity training as a requirement for federal employees.

The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Training for Federal Employees Act would have the Office of Management and Budget mandate federal personnel to understand cybersecurity and IoT device risks, Khanna’s office said Monday.

IoT devices refer to any physical technology that people use as mediums for internet connectivity. Examples of IoT devices include mobile phones, laptops and smart watches. These devices hold vulnerabilities that make them potential targets of cyber attacks, according to a statement by the Congressional Research Service.

“The IoT Cybersecurity Training for Federal Employees Act will ensure that our federal workforce is aware of these vulnerabilities when using IoT devices at work and at home,” Khanna said.