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New Tech Industry Alliance Seeks to Develop Open-Source Security Tools

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Jeff Brody

Several technology companies have established an alliance under the auspices of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards to create tools that would facilitate interoperability and data exchange across cybersecurity platforms.

The Open Cybersecurity Alliance aims to simplify the process of integrating mutliple technology products designed to detect, analyze and respond to cyber threats, OCA said Tuesday. 

IBM and McAfee provided initial code and content to support the open project’s objectives.

“The mission of the OCA is to create a unified security ecosystem, where businesses no longer have to build one-off manual integrations between every product, but instead can build one integration to work across all, based on a commonly accepted set of standards and code,” said Jason Keirstead, chief architect of IBM’s security threat management group.

“We’re looking at the potential for unprecedented real-time security intelligence,” added D.J. Long, vice president of business development at McAfee.

Other OCA members include:

  • Advanced Cyber Security Corp

  • Corsa

  • CrowdStrike

  • CyberArk

  • Cybereason

  • DFLabs

  • EclecticIQ

  • Electric Power Research Institute

  • Fortinet

  • Indegy

  • New Context

  • ReversingLabs

  • SafeBreach

  • Syncurity

  • ThreatQuotient

  • Tufin