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NASA-Established Planetary Protection Board Reports Recommendations

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Jeff Brody

A NASA-established review board has made recommendations on preventing inter-contamination between Earth and other planets within the solar system. The space agency said Friday that its Planetary Protection Independent Review Board produced 43 recommendations and 34 findings that are included in a recent NASA report.

The 12-member PPIRB aims to address new solar system missions, the Artemis manned exploration program and the rise in number of extraplanetary samples being delivered to Earth. Alan Stern, a planetary scientist, chairs the board. He has made contributions to NASA’s solar system exploration efforts including those involving Pluto.

“We want to be prepared in this new environment with thoughtful and practical policies that enable scientific discoveries and preserve the integrity of our planet and the places we’re visiting,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

The space agency intends to discuss PPIRB’s Board Reports recommendations with stakeholders and partners from across the globe.