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Jose Arrieta on HHS Accelerate, Behavioral-Based Identity for Network Access

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Jeff Brody
Jose Arrieta

Jose Arrieta, chief information officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, told Federal Times in an interview published Wednesday about the pilot programs HHS has focused on since he joined the agency and one of those is the HHS Accelerate acquisition portal.

HHS Accelerate aims to use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to facilitate the contracting process and achieve savings. He said the department wants HHS Accelerate to help reduce the administrative burden on industry partners, empower program managers and create value for contracting professionals.

When asked about his priorities over the next 18 months, Arrieta said he wants to test the integration of the acquisition portal with the financial system and move it to the deployment phase as well as test behavioral-based identity.

“We want to actually test behavioral-based identity at the edge of the network,” Arrieta said. “We’re brainstorming at this moment to figure out how to do that. But I want to be able to use 240 behavioral characteristics about you as an individual in terms of how you use your wireless device or data that’s taken off a wearable and I want to be able to use that to give you access to the network.”

He also mentioned the department’s work on a recurrent neural network focused on processing unstructured text and another one on structured data.