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EPA Proposes Rule to Advance Sharing of Custom Code

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Jeff Brody

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed an amendment to its acquisition regulation to allow EPA to share custom-developed code with other agencies as open source in compliance with an Office of Management and Budget memo on federal source code policy.

“In meeting the requirements of Memorandum M16-21 the EPA will be providing an enterprise code inventory indicating if the new code (source code or code) was custom-developed for, or by, the agency; or if the code is available for Federal reuse; or if the code is available publicly as open source code; or if the code cannot be made available due to specific exceptions,” according to the proposed rule.

EPA said the proposed policy will cover new custom-developed code and will not apply “retroactively.” The agency cited five exceptions for sharing custom code with other agencies and one is the identification of potential risks to national security, individual privacy and confidentiality of government data.

Interested stakeholders will have 60 days to comment on the proposed rule, which is set to be published on Oct. 18, Friday, on Federal Register.