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Stratcom, State University Form Space Data Sharing Partnership

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Jeff Brody

The U.S. Strategic Command and California Polytechnic State University have agreed to exchange situational awareness data in the space domain.

Stratcom said Thursday it expanded the organization’s SSA program to the academic sector by partnering with Cal Poly in the data-sharing initiative.

“Academic partnerships such as these provide a foundation for research in space,” said Rear Adm. Richard Correll, director of plans and policy at Stratcom.

“Improving SSA, through technical advancements and increased sharing, grows our collective ability to avoid collisions by rapidly detecting, warning, characterizing and attributing natural or man-made phenomena affecting space systems and the space environment,” Correll added.

More than 80 satellite companies and 20 countries signed data-sharing agreements with Stratcom in connection with the program. The Air Force Space Command collects and shares information necessary to plan satellite maneuvers, address on-orbit anomalies, report electromagnetic interference, decommission satellites and conduct launch activities.

Cal Poly has been providing Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with data in efforts to help increase the safety of space flight for cubesats.