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James Geurts: Navy Creates Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sustainment Position

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Jeff Brody
James Geurts

James Geurts, assistant secretary of the Navy for research, development and acquisition, announced the establishment of a new deputy assistant secretary role to help the service branch develop policies to support the execution of its sustainment mission, the Navy website reported Friday.

“Sustainment is as critical as new construction to ensure Navy is ready to deploy,” Geurts said. “This position will allow us to improve and align the complex drivers of maintenance and modernization completion; that in turn will increase our output to the fleet.”

The deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for sustainment will directly report to Geurts and manage sustainment funding and lifecycle management policies across the Department of the Navy to help meet the Pentagon’s readiness objectives.

The service branch has initiated several programs to better manage maintenance work, including Perform to Plan initiative and Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Plan.