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Glenn Gerstell: NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate Will Centralize Info Sharing Efforts

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Jeff Brody

Glenn Gerstell, the National Security Agency’s chief counsel, said that the agency’s new cybersecurity directorate will centralize efforts to address cyber threats and simplify information sharing between the agency and its partners, FCW reported Thursday.

Gerstell told reporters at this year’s Intelligence and National Security Summit in Maryland that the directorate will serve as an integrated focal point for U.S. government and industry entities as well as foreign allies seeking to prevent cyberattacks. The directorate, which will be led by Anne Neuberger, is slated to begin operations in October.

Speaking on the courses of action an organization must take during a cyberattack, Gerstell noted that it should call on the Department of Homeland Security or FBI who are both “in a position through their interagency task force to summon whatever resources of government are appropriate at that time.”