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Donna Roy: Security, Network Monitoring, Application Mgmt Should be Consistent

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Jeff Brody
Donna Roy

Amid the Department of Homeland Security’s cloud migration efforts, Donna Roy, executive director of the agency’s Information Sharing and Services Office, said DHS should maintain consistency in application management, security and network monitoring functions, Fedscoop said Tuesday.

According to the report, the agency conducts transactions to around 200 countries with 800,000 police officers and 60,000 first responders. Roy noted that traffic flow within the cloud will halt if a small connection gets cut off. Roy added that proper application management will enable DHS to address security gaps in various devices.

“If I were to start a greenfield, I would take the approach of understanding where the data should be first and creating a cloud strategy on that.”

Additionally, Roy remarked that she will take the initiative of consulting DHS’ chief data officer prior to cloud migration. The agency has received 105 responses for a request for information that seeks inputs on cloud migration and data center streamlining efforts.