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Danube Tech Receives DHS Funding to Develop Blockchain Security Tech

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Jeff Brody

Digital identity services provider Danube Tech has secured $143.4K in funds from the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate to build a blockchain security technology.

The company will incorporate interoperability support for application programming interfaces, blockchain systems and various credential data formats as part of the Universal Issuer and Verifier project, DHS said Thursday.

DHS S&T awarded the funds through the Silicon Valley Innovation Program, an initiative that seeks to further the development of homeland security technologies. According to the agency, it intends to use blockchain and distributor ledger technologies to enable reinforced security and interoperability in the issuance of credentials.

“Interoperability between blockchains is enabled by using emerging World Wide Web Consortium standards to globally resolve and find information where it exists on a particular blockchain,” said Anil John, a technical director for SVIP at DHS S&T.